Welcome to ANS.

We’re the home of slow fashion and feminine design. ANS is a female-led fashion brand for the modern woman who wants a contemporary interpretation of timeless designs. What makes ANS different is our quality, sustainability, and heart.

Our bespoke clothing encapsulates timelessness with modest silhouettes that are effortlessly chic. These are the versatile capsule closet staples that will become your signature. Every piece of ANS is handcrafted with love – for you and our planet.  ANS believes in wear-ability, celebrates femininity and always chooses comfort while keeping a strong design aesthetic at the fore.

ANS is designed to be an extension of your personality with comfortable, stylish handmade clothing that shows the world who you are.

Slow, ethical fashion in Australia

As an Australian slow fashion brand, ethical manufacturing is at the heart of everything we do. Our aesthetic clothing is meticulously crafted by hand and nurtured under the watchful eye of our artisans in India. We’re involved in every step of the process – from designing the garment to choosing the raw material.

 ANS is a global partnership between Australian fashion and traditional artisanship. As a slow fashion brand, we produce small capsule collections that support Indian artisans and give you the chance to own a piece of living art, which is a limited-edition piece, while doing your bit to help the planet.

An usual day at work for our artisans

 By producing capsule collections, we reduce waste and prevent overproduction – two of the biggest environmental problems in the fashion industry today.

 We design our women’s and girls’ collections in-house in Australia, working closely with our artisans in India to create ethical, handmade garments. ANS uses only fine quality fabrics that are designed to last a lifetime.

Supporting the artisans in India

ANS is a female-founded fashion brand made mainly for women by a woman. However, we are not limited to supporting only women artisans. We work closely with our talented artisans to ensure that they are fairly paid for their craft. By supporting ANS, you’re helping these artisans to continue developing their traditional crafts.

That’s the mission of ANS.

Our team in India(Many of our beautiful women members are absent in this pic due to Covid circumstances)


Our brand was launched by Nisha, a software engineer and entrepreneur who began ANS to support local artisans in India. As a female-founded fashion brand, we’re committed to being transparent, ethical and fair.

In an era of fast fashion and the exploitation of garment workers, ANS represents another path. Fashion is a way of wearing your heart on your sleeve – and it speaks to who you are as a person. The ANS mission is to take a slower approach to fashion that gives back to the artisans who bring our designs to life.


As a fair-trade brand, we ensure our talented artisans are paid fairly for their work. By working with these artisans, we create high-quality garments that last the test of time without breaking the bank. Combined with elegance, a sense of timelessness and sophistication, ANS offers fluid and classic styles at competitive prices.

ANS gives you the chance to own luxurious, handcrafted garments at an attainable price point that is fair to you and our artisans. Every ANS outfit you wear has an incredible energy, beauty and love of handcrafting with subtle flaws, yet owning its own elegance.

Doesn't the beauty of the dress speak for itself about our artisan's talents?